Engagement Rings on the Right Hand

I had few people ask me about my engagement ring last week after I blogged about my airport manicure.

Yes, I do wear it on the right hand all the time.

In Greek tradition, when you get engaged, you wear the engagement on your left ring finger. When you get married, you move it to the right.

My then-boyfriend designed my engagement ring in secret with the jeweler and my little sister over several weeks. They came up with a unique blend of yellow and white gold that curls into a tension setting around a hearts on fire diamond.

I love my ring. But I’m not fond of fitted bands that lock into another ring, which my ring would needs for a complete set. I prefer very simple rings like a plain yellow gold band or a tiny eternity band. Instead of the locked set, I asked for the tiniest eternity band, so tiny you could barely see the diamonds. I’d seen one like it in New York years before. We couldn’t find one as small as I liked so we had to upgrade to bigger diamonds (poor me).

It bothered the boy that I only planned to wear one ring on the left hand. He said that people wouldn’t know that I was married. So in a moment of atypical impracticality, he bought me two diamond bands to wear on the left.

I can’t imagine a set of rings that I’d prefer. It’s different look and I’m often stopped by strangers who ask about my rings. Plus, I like that I look married whether I’m in an airport in Calgary or in Athens.

Hope that answers the questions!

Here are the rings, including the boy’s:



~ Chris