Culinary Campus

I know it’s early but let’s talk lunch.

I just got home from Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen — the pre-opening party Tuesday night for Culinary Campus, the new downtown campus for SAIT’s culinary students. It’s a beautiful 10,000-square-foot space with open kitchens, white paneling and a bakery department that would make the Pillsbury folks roll over in shame.

Don’t believe me? Here’s their cake:


Alas, the photo doesn’t do it justice. I swear it’s all cake.

During the day, students from SAIT’s culinary program will work at the market, serving up all kinds of edible goodness for lunch. The goodness is served at four different “stations of delicious” as I heard them termed: rotisserie, braise, sauté and boulangerie/patisserie. Lunch hours are 11:00 AM to 1 PM, pick-up service runs 7 AM to 5 PM.

In the evenings, the space is available for cooking classes or corporate events.  The chef instructors offer a special 45-minute rush hour class after work: you’ll learn to make a delicious meal and go with home everything you need to make dinner. (Note to self: October’s special is S’s favourite — butter chicken.) And they do special classes like making Halloween desserts and food-and-beer tastings.

You can check out the daily menu and the list of cooking classes on their website. (I really want to sign up for the Louisiana seafood boil — just in case I own a summer cottage on a beach one day.)


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