Coat Etiquette

A couple of weeks ago, after helping me into my winter coat, my dinner date said he wishes more women would let men help them with their coats — and that they’d help the guys out by making the process as easy as possible. He may be in the minority but that’s neither here nor there. Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day this week and many of you will be going out for dinner, I thought I’d share his tips on coat etiquette. If the idea is something you’re into, read on. If not, and you’re all, “I can put on my own damn coat, thank you very much!” Then…cool. Have a fantastic day and we’ll see you Wednesday.

Here it is, short and sweet: he said that too often we ladies reach for our coats too quickly. Give your date a second to make the move for it, he says, and, if he doesn’t, feel free to pass it to him. This next thing is key: don’t try to hold your purse — leave it on your seat or wherever it’s sitting. If you’re trying to hold it while your man is attempting to help you into your coat, it will be awkward. Extend both of your arms behind you, slightly bent, and don’t try to wiggle into your coat sleeves. (I’d never really thought about the one arm versus two arm thing, but it makes sense.) If this is all done correctly, he should be able to lift the coat up and onto your arms, without you doing a thing.

It should be noted that I’ve put on my own damn coat for most of my life and managed just fine. But I would never turn down this chivalrous act. Also, when I went hunting for a photo of a man helping a woman into her coat, the images were hilarious. This one popped up and, though it doesn’t really fit our discussion today, I think we can all appreciate it.

Ryan Gosling in a coat


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2 thoughts on “Coat Etiquette

  1. Finally! Please ladies, let us be of assistance. We know you can do it by yourself, but when you allow us to help, it makes your life just a little bit easier and makes us feel great! Chivalry should not go quietly into the night…