Cinder & Sage Designs

I got home late Monday night from Newfoundland and I’m still not sure what time zone I’m in. So I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

Meet one of my favourite local brands, Cinder & Sage Designs by Lindsay Saunders. Lindsay makes vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry using recycled and vintage materials. The collection includes things like locket necklaces made with pages of old dictionaries, antique copper hair combs, cufflinks, rings and bracelets. Because she uses vintage materials, many of her works are one-of-a-kind.

I love the dictionary necklaces (I have the travel one) and the travel-inspired lockets, especially the ones using old Alberta scenes. They’re awesome going-away presents for friends or gifts for bridesmaids. Have a look…


This Old House vintage locket

viewfrom our tentprairie twigs necklace


You can purchase Cinder and Sage Designs online or at the following Calgary boutiques: Krickets, 27 Boutique, Rewind Consignment Clothing and Queen Boutique.


Photos via Cinder and Sage
PS – Congrats, Jen R.! You won the gift basket. We’ll send you an e-mail this morning. 

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