California Girl

I have some big news for you today….


We’re moving!

This summer, Spencer and I will move to Sacramento where he’ll do a one-year fellowship at UC Davis. I’ll continue to freelance from California. We are wildly excited! It’s been a long process getting here; Spencer went through grad school, medical school and then residency in Calgary. For two people who love to travel, we’ve been so, so still for so, so long.

Sacramento is a great place for us. It’s not too small or too big. It has a wonderful old downtown, complete with cobbled streets; there are some great restaurants, a thriving arts scene and beautiful running and cycling paths. We’re extra thrilled about what’s just outside of the city — we’re close to Lake Tahoe (I’m getting new skis, for sure!), Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco.

Admittedly, I’m a bit nervous. There’s a lot to do before we leave Calgary, and so much to figure out. Where will we live? How will we survive so far from our nephews? Eeks.

I’m in Sacramento right now with my Mom on house-hunting, city-scoping mission. Today, I decided that Midtown is my favourite neighbourhood for us to live. (I’m going to have to start spelling “neighbourhood” and “favourite” without the “u” when I move. Americans don’t use it.) We ate at the beautiful Grange for dinner this evening and devoured the best quail either of us has ever had. I’ll be back to the Grange often, no question about it.

Whenever I tell people I’m leaving Calgary, they always ask about the blog. Our blogging game plan is the same as it’s always been: we’ll continue blogging until it doesn’t work. So far, it’s a system that worked.

No matter what happens, I’ll miss Calgary, our friends, our family, our ‘hood, the people who’ve supported us over the years.


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5 thoughts on “California Girl

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been a faithful TG reader for the past 2 or 3 years, and just moved to Nashville from Calgary in October. It was a huge change, but I have found that Facebook and Facetime make it so easy to stay connected, and I actually started a blog about my adventures that really keeps my Canadian friends part of my life. They love my stories and it forces me to go out and do interesting things to blog about. Also – I still spell favourite with a “u”. Keep up my favourite (with a u) blog!

  2. Our loss is California’s gain. Job #2 is to find a cute local B&B so we can come visit!

    And I’m with Emily, don’t ever stop being “u”!

  3. We are already anxious about the big move! Thank god for Skype. I’m excited you’re going somewhere that you like. We will be there to visit for sure!!!!!

  4. I haven’t met you (only Michelle), but as someone going through the same thing (I moved from Calgary to Philadelphia) here’s my unsolicited advice:

    1. Regular Google Hangout with your girlfriends. Coffee or wine and video chats with your crew goes a long way.
    2. Get to know the other wives/girlfriends in the program. They are going through the same thing you are, so it is a bit easier to make friends. For example, I don’t know if ortho is like nsurg, but I often arrive places saying “surprise it’s just me, not both of us!” Other resident/fellow/attending families totally understand a) your husband showing up in scrubs b) your husband falling asleep anywhere, at anytime…other new friends tend to think it is a little weird).
    3. Live as close to the hospital as you can! We’re across the street and it was really nice to be able to pop over with a coffee or dinner for a quick visit. So helpful when I was first feeling lonely in Philadelphia.

    Good luck!