Calgary Stampede Fashion for Work

The Calgary Stampede begins next week (woot!), but we’ve been thinking about our wardrobes for a long time now. (ie. You know you’re a Calgarian when you’re shopping in Los Angeles in April and you pull things off the rack, saying, “How cute would this dress be for Stampede?”). If you’ve never been to the Stampede, here’s how it works, fashion-wise: everyone dresses up. You could just wear jeans, boots and plaid shirts for 10 days straight and call it a day (or a Stampede), or you could add your own personal touch. We prefer the latter approach. So, when The Core asked us to pull together a look that we’d wear during the Calgary Stampede, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share a few of the Toque Girls’ favourites. Today, we’ve assembled a Stampede-worthy look for work; tomorrow, we’ll share our party picks. We love the outfit below for its slight hippy-ish vibe, not to mention the killer Alexis Bittar bangle.

We have a $50 gift card for The Core to give away to one lucky reader. To enter the draw, just leave us a comment on today’s or tomorrow’s blog post. We’ll announce the winner on Friday!

~The Toque Girls

24 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Fashion for Work

  1. I love that bangle… I’m excited about the “wear all your favourite bracelets at once” trend right now, makes for such fun and unique accessories looks!

  2. I always appreciate your fashion sense and suggestions. Love the boots and the bracelet. Happy Stampeding!

  3. I’d definitely be channeling my inner Annie Oakley in this outfit. It would put a new meaning on the word “sharp shooter”, for sure!

  4. Gorgeous outfit!! Very stampede-chic, I love how elegant this look is. Really hope I win that awesome gift card so I can recreate this style and totally rock it at stampede this year! :)

    Fantastic post, keep up all the awesome work on the blog!

  5. Love the bag – and love that the Core is focussing on Stampede style this year. Maybe there will be a little less butt-cheek on the grounds this year!

  6. Love the dress, love the blog, love Stampede! I was in Nashville this week and may or may not have purchased some amazing Ostrich leather boots that I will be rocking…every day if my feet can stand it…

  7. I love that this look is a little less traditional and more unexpected. The boho chic vibe is nice and I always like to see a boot that can be worn year round.