Calgary Stampede Fashion for Parties

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday’s post. Now, onto part two of our Stampede fashion series for The Core!

Spend one day at the Stampede and you’ll quickly realize that whole rodeo thing is just a sideshow to the parties. The festivities go on 24 hours a day and you can celebrate ’round the clock. Good boots, a breezy dress and a few extra layers (we can’t tell you how many times we’ve walked home in the cold because we couldn’t get a taxi!) always serve us well at a Stampede party. To finish off the outfit, we believe in adding something a little random — like, say, a Gucci horse bit necklace that’s worth as much as a Stampede rodeo purse. Sounds crazy, we know, but Stampede is no place for practicality. You won’t hear that “p” word anywhere in Calgary between July 6 and 15th.

For going out, we love this pink Debutante dress from Aritzia (comes in white, too!). You could always throw a belt — or a Gucci necklace — around the waist. We’d pair it with some comfy Frye short boots, and a great bag from Rebecca Minkoff. (Holt Renfrew carries Gucci, Frye and Rebecca Minkoff!) The jacket below comes from the Gap.


We still have a $50 gift card for The Core to give away to one lucky reader. To enter the draw, just leave us a comment on today’s blog post. You can enter again even if you commented yesterday. Make sure to comment before midnight on Thursday.  We’ll announce the winner on Friday!

~The Toque Girls

PS – Want more Stampede fashion? Check us out on Pinterest. We started a folder of some great Stampede looks.

33 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Fashion for Parties

  1. I LOVE the Debutante dress from Aritzia!!! I have the boots and the denim jacket….just need that DRESS!!! And a really cut camel-colour leather bag…

  2. Love that dress… and it comes in white and black too! The nice thing about the Frye boots is their wearability after the ‘Pede.

    • Ooh, I forgot to add a tag. I’ll do that right now. This one is from the Gap, which is pretty reliable for denim jackets. I have an old one from Abercrombie that’s been with me forever.

  3. Ok, I want that dress now! Cowboy boots have always been a point of contention with me; I have hard time finding ones that are a proper mix between feminine and comfortable- I do like the heel on those boots though. Now, if only I had a gift card to buy some with… just saying ;)

  4. I love, LOVE that dress, especially paired with the jean jacket! This style is so rodeo, but at the same time, so delightfully feminine! And don’t even get me started on how fantastic that purse is…

    Thank you so much for all these amazing fashion ideas, I’m so excited to start putting together my Stampede outfit with these awesome tips in mind! ;)

  5. A denim jacket, white dress, boots and a hat are the quintessential Stampede outfit and I love donning it every year! Of course I’d LOVE to top it off with the Gucci necklace, but who wouldn’t!

  6. Thanks for the outfit ideas for al sorts of Stampede events! As always, they are fantastic! Happy Stampede to you both :)

  7. I love your new header, you girls look so hot, that to me is just the truth about the georgeous Calgary women!
    Fashions you picked are lovely too, I already got a new denim jacket for me and my 3 yr old boy…so we are ready!! xo Z

  8. I love this post, and would still love to win that gift card! My jean jacket is my Stampede staple…with a jean jacket and boots almost any outfit is ready for Stampede!