Calgary Roughnecks

The Flames aren’t in the playoffs this year. Boo whatever hoo. There’s a different playoff team in town that you ought to care about.

The Calgary Roughnecks are going to battle it out against the Washington Stealth in the West Division Final of the National Lacrosse League this Saturday night at the ‘Dome. I went to my first Roughnecks game last weekend and, wow, consider me hooked.

Here are 10 reasons why you ought to go see the Roughnecks this Saturday:

10. They play lively music throughout the entire game, not just during breaks like hockey games. It’s physically impossible to be grumpy and morose with those tunes. Bonus benefit: you’ll get great ideas for workout songs.

9. You get to shout, “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang — Vamonos, Vamanos!” ad nauseum. (It’s the Roughnecks goal song.) Oddly therapeutic. Try it.

8. With tickets that start at $27 a pop, you can afford to take little kids. All those little kids make for a far more likeable crowd than the corporate set that usually dominates at professional hockey games. Dancing toddlers > drunk suits any day.

7. They shoot sparkly streamers from the rafters every time the Roughnecks score. Even if you’re not a kid, sparkly streamers are good for the soul.

6. It’s an excuse to eat Twizzlers and pretzels for dinner.

5. Who doesn’t think it’s cool to watch someone sprint up the sides of the boards?

4. Because this guy is awesome.

3. And so is he.

2. The goalies look like giant overstuffed cartoon characters as they defend their tiny little nets. I know I should admire their athleticism but laughter is my first response.

1. Because it’s the playoffs and the winner of this game moves on to the finals. The Roughnecks thrive on a rowdy, packed house. Captain Andrew McBride describes it like this: “When the crowd gets rocking here, you can see the other team’s body language kind of sag down and we really need that for momentum.”

You can get your tickets here. See you Saturday!

Calgary Roughnecks


Photo by Brad Watson