Calgary Home + Garden Show Giveaway

Let’s make Monday a little sweeter and discuss the fabulous prize we’re about to give one lucky reader: a gift basket loaded with goodies — many of them from local businesses — and two tickets to this weekend’s Calgary Home + Garden Show. The home and design extravaganza kicks off Thursday,  runs through Sunday and features a stellar lineup of presenters (our fantastic pal, Alykhan Velji, is one of them!) and exhibitors.

As for this great prize basket, courtesy of the CH+G show, check it out.

Calgary Home and Garden Show Giveaway

Here are just a few of the goodies in there:

  • Craft beer mug and gift certificate
  • Crave cupcakes gift card for cupcake pack
  • Trend Trunk gift card
  • Swimco sunglasses
  • Kienna coffee pods and adapter
  • Awake chocolate bar

To enter the contest, just leave us a comment below. We’ll announce the winner in Wednesday’s blog post.

Seeing as I have a condo being built in Marda Loop (yippee) and I had my first meeting with the lovely interior designer last week, I may stop by the show to look for inspiration. I am on the hunt for the perfectly designed walk-in closet. Tips, I welcome them.

Good luck with the contest and perhaps I’ll see you there!



35 thoughts on “Calgary Home + Garden Show Giveaway

  1. Would love to go to the show as we are planning a full Reno on our 1940′s bungalow. If I could build my dream walk-in closet it would include space for a full length mirror and also drawers and hooks for all my jewelry and accessories. And don’t forget good lighting.

  2. I am having my first townhome being built right now – would love to go to the Home and Garden show to get a few motivational pointers!

  3. Great giveaway! I hope to go to the H&G Show! We just bought our first home in Capitol Hill and are excited to make it our own – need some reno and design inspiration!

  4. Oh I love your blog! And am so happy to hear you are building a condo! That will be a adventure :) Good luck with everthing – enjoy every moment of it!

  5. I’m on the lookout for new products and ideas as we are building a new home! Would love it if you blogged about some of your building experience.

  6. Tips for an awesome walk in closet:-
    lots of wooden shelving, flattering light, organizational drawer inserts, a window(?) and something sparkly (I recommend a disco ball).

  7. This basket looks terrific! I too, recently bought a condo, and would love to attend the Home & Garden show for some decorating tips :) As always, great blog!

  8. Hooray for Marda Loop! We just bought our first house in the area too. There’s an existing walk-in closet, but it’s so dim in there (maybe to not disturb another sleeper?) that I’m not sure what I’m wearing until I get out! What I want is good, direct spot lights to a) show me what’s in there and b) maybe showcase some things.

  9. A great closet organizer is at Ikea… the PAX wardrobe. It even has a lovely little shoe organizer… what more could a girl ask for!!

  10. I love the Home & Garden show, and the gift basket looks awesome!
    Congratulations on your upcoming new place, so exciting!! :)

  11. I have never been to the Home and Garden Show but would love to check it out….AND have a chance to win that fabulous gift basket!