Best Hair of the Olympics

Did you see the Canadian women in the team cycling pursuit this weekend? They were fantastic, so fast and so fearless. I get nervous watching them fly around so quickly and so close together.

I think Canadian cyclist Jasmin Glaesser deserves extra kudos for sporting the best hair of the Olympics. Check out this angled side braid:

It’s an awesome hair style for biking and I’m going to steal it. I don’t like wearing ponytail when I bike because the base of my helmet sits uncomfortably on the top of my ponytail. Plus, I keep thinking of how many bugs must die by crashing into my crazy curly ponytail. I often do double braids for biking a la Little House of the Prairie; it’s efficient for cycling but leads to hideous helmet head. Glaesser’s angled side braid is definitely the way to go. (Here are a few tips on how to do it.)


PS – The boy and I smashed into each other on our bikes while turning into the driveway this weekend — that pretty much rules out any aspirations I had for team cycling pursuits. Ouch!

Photo via here