Backless Bras and Baring It all

I need your help. It’s about boobs. My quandary began with this photo I found on pinterest last week:

Hot, no? I’m a sucker for an elegant backless sweater. A bare back is far sexier, I think, than in-your-face frontal cleavage. And another plus: this is a rare fashion moment where women with small breasts can claim an advantage. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I can shine here.

This here — now that my boobs are front and centre –  is where you come in. I’m invited to a wedding in Banff this September. The ceremony takes place outside in the early evening and this combo of an elegant maxi skirt and backless summer knit fits the bill perfectly.

But I do have concerns.

Number one: dancing. I fear one good shoulder shake and my backless sweater might be down at my hips. No one wants that. Anyone have experience with how to dance in a backless shirt? Do I double-tape the sweater to my shoulders?

And, the big one: the bra. I can’t forego it altogether. I’m too old to stick a few Band-Aids over the nipples and call it a day on the bra front. I do have a simple strapless that works under my backless sweater, with a bit of peekaboo. But I’m thinking about the backless bra. Any recommends? Gap makes one.

I do believe our male readership is going to plummet today.


6 thoughts on “Backless Bras and Baring It all

  1. These sticky ones are great! The GAP one looks like it’s fabric on the outside, and you can also find one that is a little gelly that will give you a little boost if your bust is on the smaller side! (you can usually find them at Winners for $25 or so…)

  2. I’ve heard great reviews of the stick-on La Vie en Rose backless bras, although beware: apparently they pop right off if you get sweaty whilst dancing…

  3. I got those single bra gel sticky pads, and they work really well. They just leave your boobs feeling really sticky after you take them off, so hose yourself down before bed.

  4. Hey Chris,

    My favorite sticky bra is from La Senza, they come in nude or black and are amazing. The ‘sticky’ is more of a gel so it doesn’t actually adhere to your skin (less irritation) and they are full cups that cover your boobs and even clip in the middle if you need cleavage (or not). I think they are about $60 and I have had them last up to 2 wears and counting… Hope this helps ;)

    ~ Brenna