Babor Beauty Spa

Happy first day of spring. I can’t do a thing about our spring snow but I can let you know about a great way to erase winter’s imprint from your skin. Gang, meet BABOR Beauty Spa.

Babor Beauty Spa


The first BABOR Beauty Spa in North American recently opened in Calgary’s Mission neighbourhood. New to Canada, the luxury brand has been in Europe for more than 50 years. It’s known for innovative use of products available in nature. The company was one of the first to use stem cells from Alpine flowers in skincare products. (Alpine stem cells help boost the skin’s ability to regenerate. ) Here’s what I really like: all BABOR products are free of polyethylene glycols, paraffins and paraffin derivatives and parabens. They’ve never used animal testing.

I was delighted to be invited for a 60-minute facial a few weeks ago. My very lovely facialist did a customized skin analysis and then set to work to rejuvenated my tired skin. I went through several very relaxing cleansing processes and then a unusual papering technique where she basically mummied my face. I actually fell asleep so I can’t tell you exactly what happened. But I do know that, in the end, my skin was glowing.

BABOR offers a range of facial and body treatments that specifically target the skincare needs of Calgarians (re: moisturizing). Treatments start at $60 and run to $220. I’d love to try the Body Moist and one of the seven-day take-home fluid infusions. Brides and grads, take note:  there’s a special big event fluid boost which would be ideal for the big day.


PS – Michelle has a write-up about the spa coming out the spring issue of HERS which you should check out.