Autumn Adventures

I’m back from our mystery vacation. In the end, it wasn’t much of a mystery. We ended up exactly in the same place as last time: Scotch Creek on the north end of Shuswap Lake in BC. It’s the boy’s fault; he’s getting unimaginative in his old age.

Our one-week getaway was really two vacations in one. The first three days were cold and, mostly, rainy. I’ll spare you the ugliness but I was not a happy camper, literally. That’s particularly true on the night when an unidentified animal (a bear? coyote? big random dog?) moseyed on up to MY SIDE of the tent, growled  and then went on its merry way. I lay there in my sleeping bag, perfectly still, trying not to breathe.

Then the husband whispered, “Chris, are you awake? Did you hear that?”

That’s a sure sign that he was distressed. And if he was distressed, I was having a massive heart attack and my eyeballs were boinging about the tent because they’d come flying out of their sockets at the growl.

Part two of the vacation was lovely, relaxing and warm, though you still couldn’t pay me walk about at night by myself. We read books on the beach for hours. We went biking and, after I whined a-plenty about nearly becoming bear dinner, we took a day trip into Kelowna and ate at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

Also, of note, no animals growled me while I snoozed in the tent on the last days of the trip. Amen to that.

The trip was a great reminder of how beautiful southern Alberta and eastern BC can be at this time of year. The larch trees are transforming into a bright yellow. The leaves shimmer in the sunlight, which always makes me think of a woman dancing in a yellow dress. It’s only going to get better over the next few weeks.

You should head out for a hike or long bike ride over the next few weeks to take in the scenery. I saw Takakkaw Falls, the second-highest in Western Canada, for this first time on our drive home. What a view! On the road to the falls, we passed Cathedral Mountain Lodge, which I’ve become obsessed with. (What a place it would be to honeymoon!) Then, we drove up a windy, sometimes very steep road that would a gorgeous bike ride if you have legs of steel (or, at the least, two working Achilles tendons). Other hot spots to check out right now: Larch Valley Trail, Pocaterra Cirque and Rummel Lake.


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