Adventures in New York City

Hello, friends. As you read this, I am making my way home from NYC, where I’ve spent the last five days. Here’s a peek at the adventures I’ve had:

My mind is buzzing with ideas after taking this man’s class:

Robert McKee

I nearly interviewed Michael Achenbaum, the hotelier extraordinaire pictured below, for an upcoming story. He flew to Miami at the last moment — thereby cancelling our meeting, drat — which means I will be chatting with him on the phone soon! Stay tuned for details about the story. I did, however, stay at his hotel, Gansevoort Park, and loved it:

Michael Achenbaum

I saw Wicked and, another night and on a whim with my friend Jeffrey, landed fifth row seats to The Trip to Bountiful, which we both loved. Vanessa Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. were fantastic but it was Cicely Tyson who moved us to tears — and to jump out of our seats for a standing ovation.

I ate at this restaurant and this one, too. Both were delicious.

I went to two 6 a.m. bootcamps here. When I mentioned my workout plans to a friend at work, he said, “So, you’re going to New York to take a class for four days in a row AND you’re working out at 6 a.m.? That does not sound like vacation.” Oh, but it was, and it was awesome, all around.

Last but certainly not least, I visited with my good friend Misha, whom I’ve known since we were just young pups working as hostesses at Earls in Edmonton. Seeing her and her hubby, Cory, was a highlight.

I love New York and am flying home a happier, more inspired girl. I’d say I’m more rested, but that would be highly inaccurate. Sleep was not my priority in the city that never sleeps.


Photos via here and here, respectively.


One thought on “Adventures in New York City

  1. Ahhh I love NYC too. Eating at Gramercy is so delicious! And Wicked fantastic! I do love how you can go for 5 days and come back more exhasted but happy and inspired. It’s such a great city. Next on my list is The Book of Mormon. I hear it’s great too. Glad to hear you had fun.