A Trick for Public Speaking

Do you get nervous with public speaking? I do. My mouth starts to go dry — not a good thing when you’re on TV or speaking into a microphone! But I use a fantastic trick that my voice teacher told me about in high school and it saves me every time.

My teacher told me that Luciano Pavarotti used to get a dry mouth before a big performance. (It’s one of the most common symptoms of stage fright.) So Pavarotti would gently bite down on the tip of his tongue. The pressure triggers saliva. Sounds gross, I know, but I tried it. Guess what? It’s foolproof.

I use this trick for every public speech, presentation or bad case of nerves. If you can’t have a sip of water, just bite gently on the tip or side of your tongue and you’ll be babbling away in no time. Good luck!


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