A Last Minute Christmas Gift List, My Morning on Television and Random Musings on the Holiday

This will be a bittersweet Christmas for me. Sweet because those two little nephews I love so much are old enough to enjoy Christmas this year. Sweet because everyone in my family is healthy enough to eat a big Christmas turkey dinner — which wasn’t true last year. And bitter because I don’t think I’ll be home for Christmas next year. It will be my first Christmas away from my family. I cried yesterday just thinking about a holiday season without my two darling nephews.

So I’m soaking in all things Christmas in this year. I’m going to Zoolights, I’m splurging on gifts and I’m going to eat many treats from my Mom that I’ll still be working off the calories next year.

As part of my Christmas Extravaganza 2012, I appeared on Breakfast Television Calgary this week with my ideas for hard-to-buy folks. Here’s the clip of me in my super-caffeinated glory. I’m giving you the rundown below. At the end, I’ve thrown in an extra present for the easiest people in the world to buy for — two-year-old (or nearly) nephews. I’m so excited for the last one that I have to tell someone what they’re getting.

For the Business Guy (or Your Office Mate or Your Sister’s Boyfriend):

Happy Socks

Happy Socks. They’re comfy and a bit wild but still look good poking out from under a suit pant. Plus, everyone loves wearing new socks. Available in Calgary at Leo Boutique.

For Grandma:

Michael Kores


Red leather gloves. Why? Because my mom likes them. My mother-in-law, too. They’re both grandmas. These ones are from Michael Kors. You’ll also find nice ones at Winners and Danier.

For Grandpas:


whiskey stones

Whiskey stones.  They chill his drink without watering it down. They’re made from natural soap stone. I couldn’t remember what the heck they were made from when Tara asked me. You’ll find them at Chapters.

For the Artist (or me):

Gap Beanie

A toque with a pom pom. I have this one from the Gap and I was wearing it yesterday when I went to get my photo snapped from my ski pass. The girl at the desk of the Lake Louise office said to me, “Do you want to use last year’s photo or should I take a new one? You look cute in your toque.” (That, friends, is customer service that I can appreciate!)

For Families:

Remote control helicopter

Remember when you were little and your parents’ friends brought you a present when they came for dinner? I do. We loved those people. I still remember someone bringing us Toffifee for the first time and my sisters, bro and I went wild for it. We were definitely on our best behavior for that dinner. You know how I feel about our helicopter. Plus, it’s a great present for first-time Aunties and Uncles.

For Nephews

komperdell Kid's Ski set

Komperdell Kids’ Skis, available at MEC. These are so cute! I’ve been getting the Calgary-based nephew ready for his present by teaching him about skiing. We invented a new game called skiing. He stands on my feet, facing away from me. I hold him under arms and we make little jump turns down the hallway. He loves it, squeaking, “Again! Again!” every time I stop. It’s probably more cardio for me than real skiing.

There you have it — my random thoughts and suggestions for Christmas this year. See you Friday!


PS – I’m making this tonight!


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