A Beauty Faceoff: GLOSSYBOX Vs. Luxe Box

In February, we told you about GLOSSYBOX, the service that delivers a box of beauty products to your door for $15 a month. People asked how it stacks up against Luxe Box by Loose Button, a similar service that delivers trial-sized products to your door for $12 a month. We didn’t know because neither of the Toque Girls subscribed to the services. But, thanks to one of my friends who subscribed to both, we now have an answer!

For the last three months, we’ve been taking photos of both boxes, side by side. On the left is Luxe Box, on the right is GLOSSYBOX. Let’s check them out.

Month No. 1:

Month No. 2:

Month No. 3:

After conducting our non-scientific comparison, we believe the winner is: GLOSSYBOX. For just $3 more every month, GLOSSYBOX shipments include many more full-size products. Take month no. 2 alone, in which there’s a full-size bottle of Aveeno moisturizer — which costs more than $20 at the drugstore — plus four other products to try. That’s good value, my friends.

I hadn’t signed up for either service because I was waiting for the results of our little experiment. Now that they’re in, GLOSSYBOX it is.


4 thoughts on “A Beauty Faceoff: GLOSSYBOX Vs. Luxe Box

  1. I have been getting Glossybox for the last three months and love it! I get so excited when my husband tells me it has arrived. The whole package is very well put together, from the beautifully constructed boxes, to the ribbon wrapped black lining and the black packaging paper. It is like getting a gift every month.
    So glad you did this comparison – I just saw the Luxe Box and was wondering how it compared. I am sticking with Glossy!


  2. Glossybox is definitely the better deal. My daughter likes the products in the Luxebox so I’m still getting both.