80th & Ivy Spring Menu

Sometimes a meal is so good that it deserves its own blog post. My dinner at 80th & Ivy last week is one such meal.

I’ve eaten at 80th & Ivy before and always enjoyed the food, but I wouldn’t say it blew my mind. Having been invited in last week to sample the restaurant’s new spring menu, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The dinner that we were treated to was nothing short of phenomenal. My friend (and previous roomie) Jen and I could not get enough. We devoured every bite of food — I think to our server’s surprise — and could not stop saying things like, “MMM! This short rib is so tender,” and “Whoa, this chocolate mousse is AMAZING with the orange and raspberry stuff,” and “I should stop eating now but I just can’t,” and “Damn. I should have worn stretchy pants.”

The dinner came in three parts. First, the tuna tartare with deep-fried wontons. Delicious.

Tuna Tartare at 80th & Ivy

Next, the beef short rib with gnocchi. When it arrived, I said to myself, “Only eat half of the dish. You will feel much better afterwards.” Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Beef short rib

Last, the chocolate-covered mousse with orange something-or-other on the inside and raspberry coulis on the outside. Here’s how it arrived at our table:

Chocolate Mousse -- The Before

And here it is after our attack. Disclosure time: we took a picture with some dessert left on the plate, basically to make ourselves seem less like animals, but then continued to eat it, post-picture.

Chocolate Mousse -- The After

The whole dinner was insanely good, from start to finish. Well done, 80th & Ivy.

Apres dinner and on a full-blown sugar high, we hit opening night of The God That Comes, Hawksley Workman’s new show at Alberta Theatre Projects. I’m a long-time Hawksley fan — Lover/Fighter is one of my top 5 albums of all time* — so I loved his one-man-show performance. Jen found the show a little too, uh, experimental, although she did agree it was entertaining. If you’re into Hawksley and want a fun night out, the show runs until April 7.


*I have not written an official Top 5 list, but I’m pretty sure Lover/Fighter would land a spot.